Bedrosians Hedron - White Hexagon Gloss Wall Tile

Bedrosians Hedron - White Hexagon Gloss Wall Tile

Manufacturer: Bedrosians
Color: White
Price Per Box: $70.77
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Price Per Box: $70.77

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4" x 5"
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Glazed Ceramic Tile
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Hedron is an artisanal product and may have inherent size and color variations.

The Hedron Collection by Bedrosians Tilecrest is an innovative 3D hexagon ceramic tile that will give your walls visual depth and dimension. This geometric 4" x 5" wall tile is offered in eight colors respresenting both bold and subtle with finishes in glossy, matte and metallic. Mix and match the colors, patterns & finishes to create a unique wallscape.

The 3D appearance, created by the hexagon shape paired with the concave curve, causes a dramatic sculpted, shadowed look. The curve can shift and transform throughout the day as your lighting changes. The relief look also changes depending on your pattern layout. Strategically placed lighting of the wall will help define all the angles and shadows of the tile's peaks and valleys adding a unqiue impact.

Ceramic tiles are durable and low maintenance. Common household spills are easy to clean with use of a mop, warm water, and a pH neutral cleaner. (Acid-based cleaners and harsh chemicals should not be used.)