Emser Senora - Bianco Fashion 18" x 18" Scored Ceramic Tile

Emser Senora - Bianco Fashion 18" x 18" Scored Ceramic Tile

Manufacturer: Emser Tile
Color: Bianco Fashion
Price Per Box: $67.89
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Price Per Box: $67.89

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Product Details

18" x 18"
In stock Emser typically ships within 7-14 days.
Ceramic Tile
Patterned Square
Pressed Edge
See Manufacturer
10 Faces. Suitable for walls & residential floors.
Glazed Ceramic. V2 Shade Variation. Scored Tile. See description for details. Actual Size: 17.72" x 17.72"

Inspired by Spanish architecture, the colorways of the Senora Collection by Emser Tile will bring warmth to any space. This collection showcases a scored 18" x 18" floor and wall tile that gives the appearance of four 9" x 9" tiles. These glazed ceramic tiles are available in a matte finish. Choose from 2 solid colored options (Bianco and Natural) or three patterns (Natural Shard, Natural Flair & Bianco Fashion).

Pre-scoring provides a consistent design and easy installation. Apply grout directly over the scored tile lines. Scored lines have a grout width of 1/16” giving the impression of a 9”x 9” tile.

Please note that 50/50 brick pattern installations on walls or floors is not recommended for tiles larger than 18". Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean and low maintenance. Due to their impenetrable glazes, their surfaces are resistant to water, dirt, chemicals, oil, debris, and even germs and bacteria. Use a cleaner that is pH neutral.