Maicon Backsplash Medallion - Aluminum OTA-TW-GG-GG-GG

Maicon Backsplash Medallion - Aluminum OTA-TW-GG-GG-GG

Manufacturer: Great Britain Tile
Color: Thassos White, Goleta Gray - Aluminum
Price Per Piece: $497.95
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Product Details

18" x 24"
In stock and ready to ship! Ships within 24-48 hours.
Tumbled Stone with Solid Aluminum
Maicon - OTA-TW-GG-GG-GG
This item can be customized. Click for detailed available Stone Colors. Other finishes such as glass or polished stone available - please call (877) 895-9775 for more information.
These medallions are handmade. Artistic differences from images may occur.

Are you having difficulty designing something unique and inspiring as the centerpiece of your kitchen? Solve that problem with an elegant medallion! Our beautiful handmade backsplash murals make a stunning impact in any kitchen, wine cellar or outdoor kitchen. They combine beautiful metal accents with fantastic handmade tumbled or polished stone designs.

These backsplashes can even be customized by changing the stone color, size of the medallion, the medallion design, substituting glass tile in each piece, or even changing the metal colors and designs. Contact us here or call us with any questions at (877) 895-9775!