Sicis Neoglass Barrels - Murano Titanium 0 Glass Mosaics

Sicis Neoglass Barrels - Murano Titanium 0 Glass Mosaics

SKU: NG_Titanium_0_Barrels
Manufacturer: SICIS
Color: Titanium 0
Price Per Piece: $48.72
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Price Per Piece: $48.72

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Product Details

11-5/8" x 10-7/8"
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Neoglass Murano Barrels
Glass Mosaic Tile
Murano Barrels (Chip Size 6/8")
See manufacturer
Custom blends are also available.
Inherent characteristics of all fired glass include: air bubbles, internal fissures, cracks, variation in color, shade, shine and size. Sheet size may vary up to 1/8".

The Neoglass Collection by SICIS features beautiful glass moasics available in a variety of colors and in 3 different shapes: cube (square ), barrel (round) and dome (oval). Created specifically for floors, but can also be used for walls.

Known for reinventing the art of glass, marble and stone mosaics, SICIS products are 100% Made in Italy. From the exterior cladding of luxury buildings to mosaic glass tile, SICIS prides itself on creativity, style, technology and avante garde products.