Neelnox New York - D-1  Stainless Steel Mosaic

Neelnox New York - D-1 Stainless Steel Mosaic

SKU: Neelnox_D-1
Manufacturer: Neelnox
Price Per Piece: $46.18

Product Details

12" x 12.32"
1/4" (5mm)
Typically ships in 2-4 business days.
New York
Stainless Steel Mosaic
1" x 1" Ovals
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Never before has stainless steel been engineered to such perfection. Designed by Manish Sharna, these mosaic tiles make excellent backsplashes and accent walls. Unleash your imagination, let it run wild and create curved stainless steel backsplashes or swanky pillars for jaw dropping, eye popping luxury.

The designers of Neelnox Metal Mosaics have worked with small components ranging from a few millimeters to large ones as big as a few inches, different shapes including round, square, rectangular and triangular to produce over 30 mesmerizing designs. The flagship design, Z-15 Diamond Cut is studded with authentic Swarovski crystals. The different elements have been brought together using the best design, technology and innovation. Order online or call (877) 895-9775 for more information.