Sicis Basic - White Smoke Cotton Item 5

Sicis Basic - White Smoke Cotton Item 5

SKU: 01-820_Item5
Manufacturer: SICIS
Color: 01/820 - Color 01 (White Smoke) / 820 (Cotton)
Price Per Piece: $70.00
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Price Per Piece: $70.00

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9-3/4" x 9-3/4"
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Glass Tile & Unglazed Porcelain Mosaic
Item 5
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Inherent characteristics of all fired glass include: air bubbles, internal fissures, cracks, variation in color, shade, shine and size. Dimensions and square footage for each item is approximate. Sheet size may vary up to 1/8". It is recommended to seal unglazed ceramic surfaces.

SICIS Basic Collection glass and tile mosaics, plus coordinating borders, are available in 7 beautiful colors. Each color has 10 matching styles.

Known for reinventing the art of glass, marble and stone mosaics, SICIS products are 100% Made in Italy. From the exterior cladding of luxury buildings to mosaic glass tile, SICIS prides itself on creativity, style, technology and avante garde products.