Bedrosians Rothko - Brush Stroke 9" x 9" Matte Ceramic Field Tile

Bedrosians Rothko - Brush Stroke 9" x 9" Matte Ceramic Field Tile

Manufacturer: Bedrosians
Color: Brush Stroke
Price Per Box: $81.18

Normally: $104.43

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Price Per Box: $81.18

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Product Details

9" x 9"
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Glazed Ceramic Tile
Square Deco Field Tile
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Suitable for residential interior floors & residential/commercial interior walls, including shower walls.
Made in Spain.

The Rothko Collection by Bedrosians is a versatile line of 9" x 9" ceramic black and white tiles that can be used to create fun, bold, and modern patterns in your living spaces. Inspired by the work of the abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko whose paintings are known for their bold colors and simple shapes, the Rothko tiles are available in both solid and patterned options.

Featuring a unique third fire raised glaze that gives a textured surface adding depth and dimension to any room, the Rothko Collection allows you to create your own unique patterns or to complement existing décor. Rothko tiles are a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile and stylish tile option. The tiles are perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more.

Ceramic tiles are durable and low maintenance. Common household spills are easy to clean with use of a mop, warm water, and a pH neutral cleaner. (Acid-based cleaners and harsh chemicals should not be used.)