Tesoro Metropolitan Dolomite Nuvoloso Blend - Mini Pixie Strips

Tesoro Metropolitan Dolomite Nuvoloso Blend - Mini Pixie Strips

Manufacturer: Tesoro / International Wholesale Tile
Color: Dolomite Nuvoloso Blend
Price Per Piece: $17.32

Normally: $23.69

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Price Per Piece: $17.32

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4-3/4" x 16"
In stock Tesoro usually ships within 1-2 business days.
Metropolitan Dolomite Nuvoloso Blend
Natural Stone Mosaic
Mini Pixie Strips
Thin Set
See manufacturer
Tesoro / International Wholesale Tile
0.527 Sq Ft Per Piece, Care & Maintenance Instructions

The Metropolitan Collection by Tesoro combines the best elements of modern aesthetics with a contemporary package of mosaics and tiles in an array of tones and textures. Focusing on premium materials and a modern color pallette, these floor and wall products are sourced from the best stone, glass, wood and tiles from around the world.

The Metropolitian Collection includes everything from the most cutting-edge glass tile mosaics to reclaimed boat wood, as well as hand molded ceramics and multi-textured stone mosaics. This vast natural stone collection features White Marble mosaics and tiles from Italy, Greece and Turkey as well as a neo-classic limestone collection.

Tesoro/International Wholesale Tile, LLC is a provider of premium quality glass, porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tile products to retail floor covering stores, design centers and specialty tile shops all across the country. Variation in shade, color and finish is inherent in all natural stone products.